Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Merrimack and Scorpio - if you don't know already.

Exciting news for Coldfusion users - on June 29, 2005 at the CFUnited conference in Washington (I was not unfortunately able to make to the conference) : Macromedia announced that the development on the next version of Coldfusion - CF8 has already started. CF8 has been codenamed - "Scorpio", for the eighth sign of the zodiac. Though I had suggested the name of "HighOctane" to the team, alas - Scorpio came out the clear winner. Other names that were rejected were:

- Europa
- Bodacious
- Himalaya
- Neptune
- Whitefield
- CrazyGlue
- RedOctober

Another good news is that the updater for CF7 - codenamed "Merrimack" - is now in the Beta phase. And is will released soon enough, for the CF7 users to savor.

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