Thursday, November 30, 2006

ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 Cumulative Hot Fix 1

I have not blogged in quite while, blame it to totally heads down with Scorpio development.

I've some good news with people having trouble getting their flash charts and flash forms to work on Merrimack. (CF 7.0.2)

Short take:

1. Goto this link - ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 Cumulative HotFix 1
2. Read the text (or skip to step 3)
3. Download the file. (click here)
4. Unzip the file.
5. Update CF.

The whole story:
This is really a problem caused by the guys at Redmond. They put in some new paranoid security stuff into IE. So we had to rework some javascript in the way Flash content could be displayed on IE without bothering users - and we did a slight mistake here, we forgot to put in the context root in the URL before displaying the content. Now this has been fixed.

So your flash charts and forms should work fine now both on standalone and J2EE installations.


PS: If they still don't work you know who to tell.


kari chase said...

We are having a problem with cfchart in the IE browser. We recently upgraded to CF7 and now the flyover tips are not hovered over the bar that they pertain to, they are way off elsewhere on the screen. (It was working correctly prior to the upgrade) Is this a bug that there is an available fix for, or is there some customization I could do to fix it? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

prayank said...

Are the tips working fine on Firefox?

Kari Chase said...

Yes, works fine in firefox.

StinkyLittleFriend said...

I had the same issue - my cfcharts were not being displayed in IE6.0.2900 using CF7.0.2 but the cfcharts were being displayed in Firefox. I was getting a javascript error in IE - it turns out IE couldn't run the /cfide/scripts/CF_RunActiveContent.js. Your options are copy the required files into the web root of your site or map a virtual directory to cfide (depends on your CF setup) I prefer copying the files ... I think I should blog this.

Anonymous said...

Who can help me with .httpaccess ?
where i can fined full information about .httpaccess file syntaxis?

John said...

We're having the same problem as Kari with the flyover tips not hovering over the bar they're supposed to. It seems to work OK in both IE and Firefox when the charts are displayed as 'Flash' images (i.e, cfchart format="Flash").

When they are displayed as PNG or JPEG images, the flyover works OK in Firefox, but jumps to the lower part or even disappearing off the screen completely when viewed in IE. If anyone else can shed some light on this issue, that would be great!

chu said...

I m getting a null null error while creating a PIE chart ..Help!!

Anonymous said...

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