Thursday, June 23, 2005

Flash charts crashing Apache/IIS?

Yesterday an issue on flash charts generated via <cfchart> was reported on the forums - read here.
I will just surmise the discussion (thanks a lot to Tiamat74 for his solution).

Credit: Chris Brandt, sdowle & "is me"
Environment specs :

  1. XP pro, IIS

  2. win2k sp3 or winxp sp2 , apache, mdac2.8 , jre1.4.2_07

  3. Apache 2.0.53, WinXP

On creating flash charts in CF7, the following errors occurs:

Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
JRun closed connection.

Though jpeg and gif charts work fine.

Credit: Tiamat74
This issue is actually caused by a corrupted font in your systems font folder, which in turn produces an error in the jre. Please go here for additional information:

The work around I used to fix this issue on my server was to move all of my fonts from the window/font folder to a temporary folder. If you are using windows, it should install the basic fonts needed to run windows. After that cfchart worked fine.

Another option is to go through all of your fonts to see which one is corrupted.

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